Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Rakul's Hardwork To Look Sexy!

Gorgeous beauty Rakul Preet Singh has never shied from going hot on silver screen. But, with her latest release 'Dhruva', she took her fan following to another level with the extremely sexy 'Pareshanura' song.

The song was shot very aesthetically and even Charan confessed that Rakul totally dominated him in it. Everyone has seen how hot Rakul looked in the song and the hot lady has now revealed the behind the scenes story and explained how much effort she did put into making the visually appealing song.

'We shot the 'Pareshanura' song for four days. I didn't even drink water during the shoot fearing that it would make my stomach look even a little bloated. I used to wet my lips if I get thirsty. I also relied on watermelon to keep myself hydrated. I consumed just 1-2 slices of it. And, I followed this regime for four days. Now, I am happy as the compliments keep pouring for the song,' an elated Rakul said.

She expressed her happiness over being part of Dhruva especially as her previous collaborations with Surender Rddy (Kick 2) and Ram Charan (Bruce Lee) were disappointing.

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